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With the online casino market value expected to hit $94 billion by 2024, digital casinos are popping up all over the internet. Betting online wasn’t always so popular. In the 1990s, internet gambling kicked off with a few websites. The practice has since exploded in growth, adding new players daily across the globe. By the 2000s, regulatory bodies began monitoring and protecting gamblers by instituting best practices and legal requirements for licensed casinos.

What is an Online Casino?

An online casino is like a land-based gambling establishment. Gamblers access a casino’s website to wager cash or digital currency on casino games, such as poker, slots, or even sports results. The first online casino opened its virtual doors in 1996. It has paid gamblers more than $3 billion in cash winnings. By 1997, more than 200 hundred online casinos began offering services to bettors.

Is Online Gambling Safe?

Licensed casinos operate under strict guidelines, providing measures to ensure the safety of a gambler’s money. However, financial transactions online involve some degree of risk. At an online casino, the least risk is that a player will lose while betting. Other risks include those associated with disreputable gambling businesses who cheat customers. In general, all casinos have a house edge, ensuring a profit. However, regulated casinos pay out winnings regularly and timely. It is the gambler’s responsibility to ensure that he is depositing money at a licensed, established casino. Checking online reviews before registering is one way to gauge a casino’s reliability.

What to Look for in a Good Online Casino

Regulated casinos must follow guidelines set by the licensing body in its geographic area. In most cases, these guidelines include operational integrity. Finding a casino is more complicated than it seems. After all, gamblers should take the time to make sure that a website protects its customers. Checking the casino’s legal disclaimer, privacy policy, and security protocols is vital to safeguard a player’s online safety. There are also several best practices most popular casinos follow, including giving bonuses, offering a diverse array of games, establishing structured guidelines, and supporting responsible gambling. Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses, which allow players to try out the games before depositing funds. An excellent online casino will have slots, live dealers, and other digital games for a player’s enjoyment. It will pay winnings in a timely fashion and use third-party companies to verify the fairness of its casino games.

How to Deposit Money at an Online Casino

There are several ways to deposit funds into a casino’s account. Check with the specific casino to see the list of payment options available. In general, most casinos accept credit cards, online payment platforms, and wire transfers.

Credit cards and debit cards are easy to obtain. Fill out an application with a Visa or MasterCard credit card provider. Once approved, applicants will receive the credit card in the mail. Online casinos have a place to enter the credit card information and add it to a bettor’s account to deposit funds.

Online payment processors, such as PayPal, have a sign-up process, which requires identity verification. Applicants must add a credit card or bank account to confirm the PayPal account. In most cases, a bettor may deposit funds by using email or signing in to the account to deposit funds into the casino. Other online payment processors, such as Neteller and Skrill, also have unique processes for obtaining an account.

Bettors may use a bank’s wire transfer protocol to transfer funds from a bank account to a casino account. Keep in mind that withdrawal time frames may vary depending on the way a player is funding his casino account. Fees are often associated with certain types of deposit and withdrawal methods.

How to Withdraw Money at an Online Casino

It’s essential to review a casino’s fee schedule to understand the actual costs of deposits and withdrawals. Licensed casinos will offer guidelines about what a bettor may expect while withdrawing funds.

Once a player wins money, he may withdraw funds. The first step is to make a withdrawal request. Keep in mind that if the player used bonus funds or free spins to win, they might have a minimum requirement to deposit and spend a specific amount of money, before the casino allows the player to withdraw funds.

After making the withdrawal request, the player must select a withdrawal method, including an online payment processor or wire transfer. After choosing a withdrawal amount, the player will confirm the withdrawal. Once approved, the withdrawal is in process. The player must wait the length of time designated by the online casino. In some cases, withdrawals may take hours. Other casinos may take up to 10 days to remit a withdrawal. Online reviews will give a player an idea of how long a withdrawal will take at a casino.

Responsible Gambling: Stay Safe Online

Reputable casinos support responsible gambling. Gambling is addictive, and self-monitoring helps a player avoid the pitfalls associated with risky behaviours. An individual may choose to stop gambling, if he is exhibiting signs of addiction, including gambling obsessions, betting to earn income, depression, or inability to stop. The casino’s website may offer information about places to go for counselling. Some casinos go a step further by instituting safeguards to protect the bettors. New technology can monitor a bettor’s account and flag it, warning the gambler if he is exhibiting risky behaviour. Casinos also give a bettor the option of pausing an account for a pre-determined period to provide an individual time to put things into perspective.

Bettors who play safe, research casinos before depositing money. Only licensed casinos are allowed to provide secure betting platforms and operational integrity. Identifying which casinos are licensed is the first step to ensuring a safe online gambling experience. Since competition for new gamers is fierce, casinos work diligently to provide a seamless end to end gambling experience for bettors. After all, gambling is entertainment. Therefore, the bettor should have fun when visiting the casino. A gambler’s online betting experience relies in a large part on his ability to properly vet the casinos where he chooses to play.